Fashion shoot on Wall Street

Just found this last night. I shot this a couple years ago. (Candid)

Fashion Shoot Wall Street. D.D. Teoli Jr..jpg

Poor girl, was freezing cold. I didn’t stick around long enuf to figure out if the photogs wanted the shadows in her face or was it just for her to bear the sun until they shoot. I only stick around if I want to make a project or book on a subject.

Fashion shoot Wall Street crop D.D. Teoli Jr..JPG


That is the trouble with ADD, get bored quick and don’t study up things very long. But ADD can also be an asset for street work, just depends. ADD or not, if you are shooting this close to people you can’t make a book on them and hope to shoot candid.

Working with contrasty light can sometimes be a problem with street work. The street photog has to make something of it and if not, it is trash. Although some street photogs like things super contrast, heavy shadows etc. While I like shadows and light play sometimes, as a documentary photog I prefer clean street work for most of my photos. For me I need more than just people walking in and out of shadows.

Candid photography is what separates the men for the boys when it comes to street work. While it is easy to shoot from behind candidly, I also shot a few more from the side. But they didn’t turn out that remarkable. When I was a kid I wanted to be a fashion / studio photog. Eventually it sunk in I have no talent for that type of work. Glad I realized it or I’d have lifelong frustration.

…and even with 180 degree view, the lens could have been wider to get the homeless man in fully as well as the tops of the buildings.

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